Weight Loss and Probiotic Connection

Many people understand that you should take your probiotics. What people don’t understand is that probiotic supplementation may help you to lose weight. You are what you eat–or more importantly, your gut bacteria/flora fauna dictates what you may crave, how you feel, and or how you are digesting your foods and fat metabolism. A growing body of evidence suggests that an unhealthy gut microbiota contributes to weight gain and obesity, and that supplementation with probiotics may help reverse this effect.

You don’t have to take a probiotic supplement to lose weight. Many cultures around the world emphasize gut health with naturally occurring probiotic containing foods such as Kim Chee (from Korea), sauerkraut (from Europe), picked vegetable (India), and traditionally made Kiefer (minus the fruit, and excess sugar).

While there are many probiotics on the market shelf, there are few that actually have clinical evidence that supports gut health with clinical trials. One brand is called VSL3/VSL#3 which has a robust amount of science based evidence that is supportive for IBS symptoms. Another brand is MegaSpore probiotic, which has scientific information documented for overall digestive health. While I like to suggest brands that have science evidence behind their products, you do not have to purchase these brands. Talk to your doctor if he/she suggests another brand may be more specific to you and your health/gut history. I will also be featuring a sauerkraut recipe on this blog for those who want to make their own version of “probiotic” in their kitchen at home.

Remember, when you are healthy on the inside, the weight comes off! Weight loss in Spokane by 2030 is the ultimate goal for our community, and starting with gut health is the first step to helping us get healthy!

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