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Chinese herbal medicine provides solutions to the many causes of your health concerns. We understand that everyone is different, so too are your specific health issues. For example, many people may suffer from problems sleeping, but as to what is causing the disrupted sleep maybe different from the next person.

Because we are all unique, each herbal medicine prescription is tailored for you and specifically for you. We address the root causes and not the symptoms. This is where you can start to feel better!

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Chinese Herbal Medicine and Health Maintenance

Chinese medicine believes that long-term health symptoms occur when nutrient availability and uptake within the blood is poor, and if the blood flow to a particular area is diminished. The cells then cannot restore nor repair themselves adequately. Without proper blood flow and nutrient availability directed to an area of the body, symptoms develop and can potentially become more severe, complex, and long-lasting. This is different from improving circulation as your symptoms can come back. Chinese herbal medicine addressed the “uptake” and “availability” for symptoms to potentially shift dramatically.

Chinese herbal medicine can be a compliment to your already existing Western medicine care/plan as prescribed by your doctor. It is not a substitute for your current medical care and or western prescribed medications. At Emily Farish Acupuncture, we are trained in herb/drug interactions, and all Chinese herbs are pesticide free, chemical free, and GMP certified.

Remember, our goal is to help to you feel better, period. Chinese herbal medicine has existed for thousands of years and is being used daily to help people feel awesome again.

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