Chinese Herbal Medicine: A natural approach to aid chronic health conditions

Treating the root cause, not just the symptoms

Chinese herbal medicine can provide relief to common pressing issues such as insomnia, fatigue, pain, digestive bloating, and long-term inflammatory conditions.  Chinese herbal medicine supports the body’s ability to rejuvenate and restore balance.

This is a much different approach than Western medicine  and the use of pharmaceuticals. Chinese herbal medicine aims to build nutrient availability within the blood along with aiding organ system functioning which helps restore health. The Chinese medical system focuses on what is in the blood, where the blood is moving, and how the cells are up-taking nutrients to encourage the body to repair itself.

PLEASE NOTE: Chinese herbal medicine is NOT a substitute for your western pharmaceutical drug regimen prescribed by your physician. 

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Western and Chinese Medicine

Different backgrounds working together for your health

The isolation of China throughout history plays a role in the general lack of understanding about Chinese herbs by other world civilizations. Since the opening of China in 1972, knowledge of the ancient healing powers of Chinese herbs has been gradually spreading to western countries. Health conscious consumers are concerned about the concentration of synthetic chemicals in western diets, medicines, and the general environment. Chinese herbs are being welcomed by people who are seeking natural remedies to boost their immune system and overall health functioning. 

The difference between how Western medicine and Chinese herbal medicine works is rather straightforward: Western medicines are prescribed primarily by symptoms. Chinese Herbal prescription formulations are looking at overall physiological organ patterns (according to Chinese medical theory) that are making up a health patterns that are CREATING those symptoms.  The herbal medicines that are formulated for a person are very specific to the person who is seeking treatment. Two people may seek relief for the same condition, but may receive custom herbal formulations based on the organ patterns and the overall health of the person at that moment in time.

Can I take Western Medicine along with Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Yes you can. Many people seek Chinese medicine (as well as Acupuncture and Chinese nutritional consulting) to compliment their already existing Western medicine treatment regimen. Chinese herbal medicine is practiced along with Western medicine in hospitals all throughout China, Japan, and Taiwan. Therefore, it is extremely important that if you are under a Doctors care (MD) and or primary health care practitioner and taking Western pharmaceuticals that you work with a licensed Acupuncturist that has herb and drug interaction understanding to provide the best comprehensive care for you.

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Treating the root cause, not just the symptoms

Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed with the intent to address the root cause of the different patterns that are making up the health ailment. This can help rejuvenate the body into optimal functioning so the symptoms, and the underlying cause, are no longer or are brought to a minimal occurrence. This is primality achieved through the medical pulse evaluation-a diagnostic tool that is under utilized in Chinese medicine. It helps the practitioner understand which organ systems need support in order for the chronic “symptoms” to be addressed. 

Chinese herbal medicines are primarily of plant origin, and may include roots, bark, seeds, flowers and leaves. Each ingredient typically has unique characteristics and chemical constituents that are reinforced and harmonized in comprehensive ancient Chinese herbal formulas that have been passed down for thousands of years.

If you are vegetarian and or vegan, please let your Acupuncturist know before any herbal medicines are prescribed as some ingredients may not be entirely plant based. We do not use herbs from endangered species. We select herbs that are grown in Taiwan that are pesticide free, chemical free, and undergo rigorous testing within the United States to ensure efficacy and are GMP certified.

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