Weight Loss: The Untold Truth

Weight Loss: The Untold Truth
Weight loss in the United States is a very big problem. Obesity, weight gain are all associated with precursors to heart disease, insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, and possible cancer risk. Weight loss is hard to achieve when you are told “just go to the gym,” and all your problems will be fixed. We live in a culture that equates health with fitness. We also live in a culture that equates weight loss with exercise. It is not that simple. This is why the United States 78 million people are overweight. 108 million Americans attempt to diet 4-5 times per year. If only just exercising and eating less were effective and easy,  then we wouldn’t have a weight loss industry that is worth 20 billion dollars.
Anyone can lose weight by eating just celery. The problem with many weight loss programs and quick fix supplements is that the weight loss can come off, but many people develop deficiencies and cravings because their body is being deprived of proper nutrients. Just because you lose weight does not make you “healthy” on the inside. You may appear to look healthy on the outside, but inside your body is not healthy. Not every skinny person is healthy either. Bodies are bodies, they are machines, and you must ask yourself, how well is my machine performing so that I can lose weight? Many do not understand the missing link that your internal health matters–to making weight loss happen. You get your body healthy on the inside, and the weight comes off.
Weight loss is hard to achieve if you are not sleeping well, are in constant pain, or have a health issue that is constant and pressing. The body has health priorities and will prioritize them. Weight loss is the last priority if there is a heart, liver, pain, or sleep, or constant anxiety issue (just examples, to name a few). This is why weight loss is more than just exercising or eating “right.” This is why people need support. Their bodies need support in order for the weight to come off.
Eating “right” is very important. Not all people respond to the same foods and not all the same foods help you to lose weight compared to another person. Exercising is also very important. You can exercise but depending on the “moves” that you are doing, either this can make you WIDER rather than leaner, compared to the other person (what you are eating and how you are exercising also matter). In summation, there is no ONE way that makes everyone lose weight. This is where holistic medicine really really shines.  It looks at YOU and how your internal organs are functioning so that weight loss becomes easier, not out of desperation, deprivation, or starving yourself.
Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and targeted nutrition helps support the health of the body so that weight loss can be achieved. Imagine feeling really really good while losing weight while achieving optimal health. This is what Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture can do! It supports the internal organ functioning so that you feel good and are getting the health support that you need to that you can lose weight. Acupuncture can help a person get out of pain which can expedite a person into an exercise program. Acupuncture is now being thoroughly studied in various scientific studies with regards to weight loss and appetite suppression. While this is very exciting, not all bodies are created equal, and many people may need Chinese herbal medicine in conjunction with or as a stand alone therapy to propel health and weight loss goals forward.
Weight loss is easier than you think. But every person (or every body) needs a structured, targeted support for results that actually work and are long lasting. Spending time looking for the “one” solution to weight loss can be a very frustrating, daunting and expensive process. Chinese medicine and Acupuncture can help you to feel fabulous while the weight comes off–specifically formulated for you, for your weight loss.
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