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I want to come in and schedule my first appointment!

To schedule your first initial appointment, please call (509) 217-9262. Please specify if you would like to schedule your first complimentary 15 minute medical consultation and or your in depth medical history and Acupuncture treatment for your first visit. Please also specify the date and time you would like your appointment. 

We offer complimentary 15 minute consultations for perspective patients who are interested in Acupuncture and or Chinese herbal medicine. During these appointments there is no treatment involved. Instead, you and Emily will discuss your health and wellness goals. 

Please specify when you call if you would like a 15 minute consultation or would like to book a medical history appointment which will include either Acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine. First appointments are generally 1.5-2 hours long; follow up appointments are generally 60-75 min.

Please call to verify your insurance coverage for Acupuncture prior to your first treatment appointment.
To complete your health history questionnaire please download and print the packet by clicking the button below.  Remember to bring this to your first appointment.

Please call and we can send a HIPAA link to your email instead of downloading and printing the paper form above.

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The process to determine your response to Acupuncture

The first treatment will involve a medical history assessment and Acupuncture treatment. Please bring a list of all medications and supplements you are currently taking.  Please allow for two hours of time for your first appointment (medical history and Acupuncture combined). After your first treatment, a follow up Acupuncture session, typically lasting for 60-75 minutes.

Your Homework

After your first visit we will also give you homework to take home with you and bring back with you for your second visit (don’t worry we don’t grade you :). Your homework is very important as we want to rate your body’s response to the Acupuncture. We want you to start feeling better right away, and this is because Acupuncture builds on momentum.

The power of Acupuncture builds with momentum

When it comes to pain, we recommend three visits within a seven-ten day period to evaluate if Acupuncture is the best fit for your health and wellness goals. Additionally, after the second or third Acupuncture treatment, depending on the health concerns presented, Chinese herbal medicine may also be considered. We do not recommend introducing both Chinese herbal medicine and or Acupuncture during the first three sessions. This is because we want to know which therapy can best help you depending on your health goals. We generally recommend Acupuncture first, but there are always exceptions!

Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture can help many many people but it may also not be a fit for everyone. If we find by the third visit that you may need something different in order to best help you, we will do our best in order to refer you to other therapies.

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