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Chinese medicine has been long using food as medicine to promote health, vitality, and long quality life. Individualized food programs can not only help you to lose weight, but more importantly can become the bridge for all your health concerns to change dramatically. We teach health by eating food unique to your body’s constitution, according to Chinese medicine principles.

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We are experiencing a serious health crisis involving health and the food choices that can impact our health. Americans are currently 37th in the world ranking for longevity, yet we have more access to doctors per capita than any other nation in the world. We are overfed yet malnourished. It is estimated by the year 2030 that 90 percent of America’s population will be obese. As of last year, 190 billion US dollars were spent on health care related issues related to obesity. Obesity is linked to a wide variety of health diseases such as hypertension, Diabetes II, neuropathy, and possible cancers.


Many people believe they are eating all the “right foods” and doing all the “right things” for their health yet are chronically tired, grumpy, can’t sleep well, and don’t feel as energetic as they used to. We blame this culturally on aging, yet many people in their twenties feel too tired.

Chinese nutritional counseling empowers you to select and eat foods that are the best fit for your constitution to optimize your best health yet. Foods that are selected for you via Chinese nutritional consulting also strengthens the Chinese medicinals you may be taking. Food builds and strengthens the body, Chinese herbs heal the body and help with chronic systemic issues. Acupuncture directs the blood to flow into a certain area to relive pain, nourish and regenerate tissue functioning, and propel health forward in a new direction. The three modalities are used to help the body regain it’s more optimal functioning possible.

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Why is nutrition so important?

Chinese nutritional consulting is used to support healing and disease prevention. Without proper nutrition, the body cannot create a new foundation for health changes to occur. Chinese nutrition uniquely differs from Western science nutrition in that it determines the therapeutic properties of foods instead of analyzing the chemical constituents of them. The advantage of this approach lies in its ability to customize to every individual’s needs.

Furthermore, Chinese nutrition takes into consideration such factors as method of preparation, body type, season, and one’s geographical location and foods that grow locally in determining the appropriate food plan.

Depending on the health conditions that need to be addressed, Chinese herbal therapy and or Acupuncture can be adjunct therapies in order to deliver even quicker results with nutritional consulting. Lab reports can also be used in conjunction with individualized nutritional therapy plans if applicable.

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