Acupuncture for Veterans

Get Immediate Relief from Physical Pain and PTSD Symptoms

As a Veteran’s Choice Participating Provider, Emily Farish can offer Veterans solutions who are struggling with health issues. Acupuncture is at PTSD natural treatment that can provide immediate relief for your symptoms.

Acupuncture therapy involves inserting very fine needles at a variety of points in the body, and has been shown to be effective in treating many different health conditions, especially pain. This is because Acupuncture has been known and studied to activate the bodies own “opioids,” which are called enkephalins. Enkephalins are the body’s own natural pain relievers. When the body is out of pain, you can heal.

We have solutions for our Veterans. We want our Veterans who served our country to experience vital health again.

Acupuncture is a Natural Treatment for PTSD and Other Symptoms

Acupuncture may be effective for Veterans who suffer from:

Pain associated with an injury or illness

Nausea and vomiting after an operation

Nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy

Knee pain from osteoarthritis

Low back pain

Depression or other mental health concerns

Chemical dependency

Headaches or Migraines

Poor quality of sleep


Acupuncture as a PTSD natural treatment 

Acupuncture is very good at allowing the body to de-stress and sleep. Since up to 90% of PTSD sufferers struggle sleeping, this aspect of acupuncture treatment can provide immediate, natural relief for many symptoms of PTSD. Your body can heal from PTSD. Acupuncture can help.

Easy and Painless

Acupuncture is not supposed to hurt or be painful. Emily Farish believes in the effectiveness of treating pain with Acupuncture which has no side effects. Acupuncture can lessen the need for pain medication and or serve as an adjunct therapy when coupled with Western Allopathic treatment for pain management or other health conditions. Emily will work with many pain management providers to offer the best complimentary care to help increase the health and vitality of her Veteran patients.

Receive Free Acupuncture through the Veteran’s Choice Program

Ask your VA Doctor or Primary Care Doctor who is affiliated for the VA Choice Program about Acupuncture. You will need an authorization for Acupuncture care when you are enrolled in the Veterans Choice Program. You can sign up for the Veterans Choice Program at You do not have to pay out of pocket for Acupuncture treatments when you are enrolled and eligible for the Veterans Choice Program!! If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to call or schedule your complimentary consultation with Emily. She is happy to serve Veterans who have fought for her freedom to practice Acupuncture!

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