Acupuncture for Weight Loss Support

Let’s face it: loosing weight is easier said than done. You are not alone and deserve to be lead down a path to shed weight in a consistent healthy way that gives you energy. You want to live a life that supports you and all that you do rather than your weight running your life. Obesity and weight gain do not have a single cause. Genetics, lifestyle, age, stress, anxiety, hormones and diet are all factors that can contribute to the overall picture of obesity and weight gain. Weight loss acupuncture and Chinese Medicine address the individual and the health issues that lead to obesity by specifically targeting what your body needs in order to function in a balanced way.

It is estimated that by the year 2030, 90 percent of the American population will be obese. In 2013, 190 billion dollars were spent on health care related issues related to obesity. Currently about 65 million Americans are considered obese.

Don’t let yourself become a part of these statistics. While exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet are key factors to losing weight and beating long-term health problems that are linked to obesity, there is often something missing for people who really want get to where they need to go to make their healthy weight loss sustaining. Often people try EXERCISE HARDER or DIET MORE. This usually leads people feeling too fatigued to carry out with their exercise plan, and or giving up because the diet didn’t give them the proper nourishment they needed. This in turn makes people give up and adopt old habits, which leads them further from their weight loss goals.

Many reasons why people want to work with an Acupuncturist for furthering their weight loss acupuncture goals:

You may find that you are exercising and eating all the right foods, yet you are not getting the results that you want.

You want to have an eating plan that is specific to you and your body that targets a healthy weight loss that also gives you energy.

You have tried many fad diets but the don’t seem to last.

You are too tired to exercise and want to look for options to build your body to start exercising again that doesn’t further deplete you.

You need some sort of a structured plan that is specific to you to jump-start your new healthy eating habits.

Here are just a few of the reasons why some people may not be loosing the last bit of weight that they have been struggling to lose:

Skipping meals, reducing calories, letting yourself go hungry, eating refined sugars and refined grains, overeating, being in chronic or recurring pain, drinking alcohol, consuming too much caffeine, none or the wrong exercise, too much stress, poor sleeping habits, poor circulation (or lack thereof), stressful relationship and or work environment, and or poor liver function are all examples of why we are getting fat and not loosing weight.

Make the commitment to helping your body lose the excess weight to prevent from long-term health problems or diseases. Help your body to lose the weight, which will make you feel better, look better, and live longer. Live a lifestyle with weight loss acupuncture, that supports your health that empowers you rather than one that makes you feel you can’t.

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