Acupuncture for Stress Relief

We all suffer from stress.

However, how our bodies respond to prolonged stress is a different story. You can have two people with the same stressor (for example a scary movie) yet respond differently to the stimulus.

Prolonged stress is different. Sometimes the imaginary tiger (i.e., the stressor) is always there in front of us and we may not even know it. This is because when the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, and the body over time becomes wired, tired, and too stressed! You may not be thinking that there is a stressor in front of you, but your body becomes trained to think that there is. Prolonged stress can add to weight gain, disrupt sleep, and be stressful on our bodies, and in particular, the heart. It’s important to de-stress. But what if we just can’t do it on our own?!

How can Acupuncture help? Even FOX news released a video and short blog about how Acupuncture can help people de-stress. How can tiny needles do this? To add to this a scientific study conducted on rats showed that Acupuncture can help calm the release of stress hormones. When the body is physiologically under less stress, we feel better no matter what is in front of us!

Don’t wait for stress to dominate your life and all that you do. Take time for your self. When you are stress free on the inside, the world around you changes.


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