Young man with damp and smelly armpits which disturb his co-workers.

Tips to reduce body odor naturally (from le armpits)

  1. Use an all natural deodorant that has no chemicals with a scent that you like. Weleda, a brand from Germany (that delivers internationally and is sold internationally) does a lot of research behind their products. Not only do their deodorant products smell wonderful, they actually work and contain no aluminum! I love the sage and or rose scent!
  2. Want to use a quick fix for the smell but don’t want to use a chemical deodorant? Wash the armpits with natural soap and water and use half of a lemon or lime to dab onto the armpit. (note-do not do this after shaving in le armpits otherwise you will yelp!) Lemon and limes kill the smell because they are anti-bacterial by nature (which is why you see them in so many cleaning and beauty products).
  3. Do a mini detox. Odorous smells can have a correlation to digestive health. Are there foods that you are eating that are causing you bloating, gas, and or skin problems? By simply eliminating some foods in your diet you might notice over time that your body odor shifts.
  4. Try the all “natural” rock deodorant. There is a brand called “Crystal” body deodorant spray that I like that has no aluminum, is fragrance free as well as paraben free. Make sure to spray it after you have taken a shower and washed your arm pits (otherwise it is not as effective).

5 healing herbs that should be in every kitchen:

  1. Tumeric-anti- inflammatory, anti-cancer, good for joints, tastes amazing in curry.
  2. Ginger-reduces nausea, aids digestion, reduces gas, and goes well in tea.
  3. Garlic-anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral (Take raw if you want to reap the anti-bacterial and or anti-viral properties and fight that cold). Garlic is an Italian food lovers essential!
  4. Cinnamon-warming, can help stabilize blood sugar levels, tasty with oatmeal and or baked over apples.
  5. Cloves-anti bacterial, relieves toothaches, reduces nausea, and goes well with ginger and cinnamon.


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