Metabolism—what is it and how to rev it up?

I was recently asked to write about how to increase metabolism. How to lose weight. How?


Metabolism- The basal metabolic rate is the rate in which the body burns calories to maintain functions at rest. Metabolism is affected by genetics, age, diet, exercise (type of exercise as well), vitamin deficiencies, thyroid level, amount of sleep, amount of body fat, digestion (how you as an individual break down foods that you eat and convert them into energy), body temperature, and weight.

That’s a lot!

Yes it is. Many of us correlate metabolism SOLELY to the foods that we eat and exercise. Many people may eat and exercise, yet feel frustrated that they aren’t losing weight. This is because metabolism is unique to the whole individual (i.e., organ relationships, digestion, genetics, are just a few examples). Understanding how you own metabolism works coupled with weight loss is the key to loosing and maintaining healthy weight.

Some misleading concepts behind losing weight…read further…

Some people restrict their caloric intake in order to lose weight. While this may produce weight loss for the short term, it may not provide long term solutions to maintaining a more efficient metabolism that sustains weight loss. If you put your body too much into “starvation mode,” your body actually will begin to store what you eat as fat. It’s purely mechanical. If your body thinks it’s going to die, it is going to store things as fat for later storage because simply, fat is the most easily burned, readily available energy.

What about eating cayenne pepper? Sweating in saunas? Can these help me to loose weight?

Saunas are lovely and help you to sweat. Sweating is a very effective way to reduce toxins in the skin and or superficial layers of the body. Sweating helps you to loose water weight, but it does not make your fat cells smaller. Regular exercise, eating a varied diet, and correcting any imbalances in the body (current or preventative) helps the body to shed pounds.

Most people will eat foods that are low in fat because they think they will get fat. They will buy low fat lattes with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Sounds familiar? Much research now states that eating sugar has just as much potential and perhaps even more potential for storage as fat.

Ditch the sugary products. This will help your body to loose weight FAST.

Do you have sugar cravings around 4pm? Do you have sugar cravings in general? Address your cravings with nutrition, herbal and supplements that address your specific cravings which will enable the weight to come off.

I am doing a detox. Why have I gained 1 or 2 kilos so far?!!

While this may be frustrating for some people who are on a cleanse, I tend to ask them these questions: Have you been exercising? Are you engaging in a new exercise routine? What I mean by this is that muscle burns fat. It does. Muscle in fact, weighs more than fat.  If you have started a new exercise program and are moving your body differently, your weight on the scale may not reflect your new metabolic functioning (or new body composition).

Are you drinking lots of water? Yes water plays a role into numbers read on the scale too.

You can also hold up to 15kilos of fecal matter in your colon. Think again when you jump on that scale.
(good digestion and elimination are major players in the metabolism game—and to any form of good health really).

Food Wise-What to Do

To rev up metabolism you must exercise and eat “clean” foods. What that means is eating foods that are local to your region, no-no on heavy sauces and condiments, and lightly steaming vegetables and ditching the cream sauce. Eating foods that are unique to your metabolism can be of great benefit as well, and by working with a medical provider at home can really target foods that are unique to you.

Why should I eat foods that are unique to my metabolism? What does this mean?

For example are you always cold? Or are you the one who wears shorts outside during the winter? Do you have diabetes, hypothyroidism, fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, easily get colds, or in chronic pain? If your body is spending lots of energy trying to repair something or in an inflammatory state, it can be more challenging to lose weight and or rev up metabolism. The body is simply, busy doing something else.

How do I rev up my metabolism then?

You can eat foods that are unique to your body’s constitution. This is not just the blood type theory. You take vitamins, supplements and herbs that correct any imbalances in the body that are keeping it busy from having optimal metabolism. In order for the body to lose weight and or have an optimal metabolism, it MUST BE ALREADY WORKING AND COMMUNICATING very efficiently. You eat foods, take herbs, to REMIND the body to go there and do what is was meant to do.

Why do I have to do that? Why doesn’t my body just lose weight if I am just eating salads?

Have you ever been on your cell phone and listened to the static? You can hear the other person talking to you but the message isn’t clear? That is what happens when a person’s metabolism is not working optimally. You clear up the “static,” and your body gets clear instruction on what to do.

We are all unique reflections of different metabolic rates.  Even if you do not have a dis-ease, everyone has a unique metabolism that can be “revved up” in its own unique way.  Everybodies body is different. (Just look outside at people walking by on the street. Diversity is fantastic! Knowing how to work with your own body is the key to metabolism).

To leave you with one really amazing factoid on how to rev up metabolism:

Don’t eat late. Don’t eat dinner after 8pm. Your food just will sit there in your stomach and intestines. Eat your biggest meal during the day when your digestion and metabolism are highest. Correct any sleep imbalances. When the body is able to sleep (and repair) adequately, you are able to have efficient metabolism (it’s not busy doing something else).


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