Food as Medicine

We are going to be exhibiting at the Spokane VegFest this weekend which will advocate for natural, plant based food in the diet, amongst environmental advocacy.

What we eat is so important. More importantly it is what we digest that truly matters. What I love about Chinese medicine is that there is no “good” or “bad” in terms of what we eat, it is only outcome. “Are carrots good for me?” one may ask, but it is not that carrots are “good” or “bad” it is why are we eating them and for what goals, if any. Foods can be used to help restore health, but we must understand which foods can help our bodies feel better, regain strength, and rejuvenate.

Many people are concerned with weight loss and what foods to eat. There is not single food or “mono” food therapy out there that can help one lose weight and regain health. Of course, the more vegetables we eat along with seasonal fruit the better we can regain our health. However, not every body responds the same way to the same foods. You may read coffee is fantastic with benefits one day, and then read it is not the next. Don’t let the internet confuse you. It is a wonderful information machine–but like all information out there, not all of it may be the best fit for your and your weight loss or health goals.

What we eat matters. What we take into our bodies matters. Chinese medicine looks at the individual to help the person

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